The Peace Appeal’s Co-Chair, Jeff Seul recently contributed to Conciliation Resources’ Accord, Issue 30, “Still Time to Talk: Adaptation and Innovation in Peace Mediation.” Accord 30 examines the evolving mediation landscape and explores innovative approaches to engage armed groups, navigate the digital environment, and ensure diverse views are incorporated into peace processes. In his article, “Mediating
Worldview Collisions in Violent Conflict” Jeff’s focuses was on conflict transformation initiatives in the Israeli-Palestinian context, and how common approaches to mediation of conflicts like these are itself grounded in a particular worldview with embedded assumptions about why and how parties experience conflict.

Jeff suggests that mediators must accept the reality of moral pluralism, actively engage with mediation challenges presented by world-view diversity, and innovate to address the challenges. This often involves mediators needing to examine and adjust their own worldviews to mediate worldview collisions more effectively. This will help with bridging differences away from the table to achieve agreement across the table.
Read the full issue at Conciliation Resources. Jeff’s contribution begins on page 72.


Jeff Seul is co-chair of the Peace Appeal Foundation, Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School, and Lecturer on the Practice of Peace at Harvard Divinity School, and a partner in the international law firm Holland & Knight. Jeff writes about peace and national dialogue processes and negotiations, and the mediation of disputes involving secular and religious deeply held values.


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